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The Tokyo Witch (東京の魔女 Tōkyō no Majo) is the first episode of Concrete Revolutio.


It is the 40s of the Shinka Era...In Japan, "superhumans" such as giant aliens, super robots and monsters were active. While causing mysterious incidents, the "superhumans" at times stop destruction and save people. Jiro Hitoyoshi belongs to the "Superhuman Bureau," which works to register and protect such superhumans, and he has come to scout Kikko Hoshino, who is working as a server at a café. She is a "witch girl" type superhuman and right in front of Jiro and Kikko, a battle between Grosse Augen, the superhuman of justice, and an "S" Planetarian unfolds, leaving Jiro and Kikko no choice but to join in the battle.


  • As this is the first episode, it is the debut episode of most of the main characters such as Jirou Hitoyoshi.
  • The episode title refers to Kikko Hoshino.