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The Superhumans of November (十一月の超人たち Jyuichigatsu no Choujintachi) is the 14th episode of Concrete Revolutio and the first episode of the second cour.


In the aftermath of the Shinjuku student protests, the government comes to view superhumans who are not under their supervision as nothing but gangs of dangerous criminals. The Public Security Force is strengthened with the installation of giant robots. It places the Superhuman Bureau along with Raito and the others, minus Jiro who has left, under their control and enforces training to keep peace and order. An android warrior calling himself Yusei Washizu arrives in a UFO. He is a messenger sent by a peace alliance of intelligent lifeforms in outer space, and has come to Earth to capture an S-Planetarian who has caused the exinction of many star systems.[1]