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Raito Shiba[1] (柴 来人 Shiba Raito) is an android detective of the Metropolitan Police Department Riot Squad.[2][3] He is Jirou's rival because he takes countermeasures against superhumans and has thoughts that are opposite to Jirou's.[3]


Raito is normally seen wearing blue-rimmed glasses, a purple suit and brown leather shoes. He has olive green hair and yellow eyes.

In the 45th year of the Shinka era, he has changed to a white suit and his hair has become a shade of light brown.[4]


Raito was once a young detective but he died. However, he was rebuilt as an android using similar technology and a similar build to Type B Kaoru.

In the 42nd year of the Shinka era, Raito works as a detective under the metropolitan police.

In the 47th year of the same era, Raito has changed his appearance and left the police for currently unspecified reasons.[4]


He is able to shoot bullets from his fingers as well as from his elbow. His forearm folds back to facilitate this.[2]