Jirou Hitoyoshi

Jiro Hitoyoshi (人吉 爾朗 Hitoyoshi Jirō) is a member of the Superhuman Bureau. He was told he was a human by his foster father, Magotake Hitoyoshi.


Jirou has short, lilac hair that covers his left eye and wears a black suit with what looks like a black and blue striped scarf. Around the wrists of the suit is red plaid cuff. On Jirou's left arm is white straps and his left hand seems to be bandaged. His left arm is able to use something like a laser, or some type of a fire-like element to defeat enemies. In the opening animation, it is shown to be able to sprout gun-like barrels and shoot fiery bullets. 

In appearances after he has left the Bureau, he wears a black shirt with a star on it. He also wears a red scarf like those worn by sentai heroes.[1]

In an interview it is said that the hair covering Jirou's eye has no relevance to the plot, it's just to look cool. 

Ability's and powers Edit

He has the power to produce and control large crimson flames from his arm. He's also a certified badass.

History Edit

He was born in the 20th year of the Shinka era and Magotake Hitoyoshi took him in that year. Dr Hitoyoshi then raised him.[2][3]

Jiro was working for the Bureau as its number 1 superhero until he left at an unspecified time, due to his beliefs about superheroes having been crushed. [1]Between about the 41st to the 45th year of the Shinka era, his behavioural principles were changed greatly.In April, the 53rd of Shinka Era, in Shinjuku, it was revealed that he is a beast.[2] During the GaGon case, he starts calling Kikko by her first name.[4]

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