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Grosse Augen

Grosse Augen, also known as "an Ally of Humanity", is an alien that is a giant in size unless it merges with a human, at which point it can change between the sizes.[1] It has many psychic powers.[2] One part of the media supports it.[3]

Grosse Augen (Anime)


It is "an Ally of Humanity", yet the general public sees it as an "evil alien".[2][1][3]

Jirou ends up finding the host/human that contained Grosse Augen but disobeyed the orders of the Superhuman Bureau in order to let the human host live after Grosse Augen had been released.[1]


  • Grosse Augen's name means "big eyes" in German. Jiro named it this because of the large eye it has on its chest.[4]
  • Grosse Augen's origin story of an alien who merges with a human to fight evil giant aliens is a reference to the origin of the original Ultraman.