Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou Wikia

This is a glossary of all the terms in Concrete Revolutio. Please leave this page as spoiler-free as possible.

Note: Some of the Japanese readings/terms are still missing, denoted with question marks. Feel free to put them in or correct the existing readings/terms and remember to reference your sources!

Types of superhumans[]

Alien (宇宙人 uchuujin) - a creature from outer space. Grosse Augen and the S Planetarian are examples of this.

Ally of Justice (正義の味方 seigi no mikata) - a certain title given to Grosse Augen, who fuses with humans in order to give them the ability to fight supervillains. Rainbow Knight also called himself this.

Android - a kind of robot that is human in shape and can perform human actions. Mieko and Kaoru are this.

Beast (怪獣 kaijuu) - an intimidating creature that is somewhat animalistic but not an animal. GaGon is this, and episode 4 - 5 focus on kaijuu. They are considered to be evil by Jirou Hitoyoshi and the general public.

Ghost (お化け obake) - a creature that is mostly human in appearance. It doesn't age, it can phase through non-living objects and it can shapeshift. Fuurouta is this.

Ogre (妖怪 youkai) - a creature that can take on a human appearance but has distinctly inhuman traits when not disguised. Emi Kino is partially this.

Superhuman (超人choujin) - any human who is capable of supernatural, extraordinary feats. Despite the term, it encompasses intelligent and non-intelligent creatures too.

Superhero (???) - a superhuman that fights for justice. Earth-chan is this.

Supervillain (???) - the evil version of the superhero.

Witch (magical girl/魔法少女mahou shoujo/sorceress) - a person who uses magic, is female and normally has a familiar/mascot. The term magic user (魔法使い mahoutsukai) is less gender-specific. Kikko Hoshino is this and her mascot is Uru.

Other terms[]

Japan Beastly Electric Wave Group (日本怪獣電波社 Nihon Kaijuu Denpa-sha) - A group that wanted to have a radio show about beasts to raise awareness for them. The group consists of Shoji Matsumoto and Ukyo Yamato, while a few young boys (notably Hiroyuki) and Hiroyuki's mini GaGon occasionally show up in the group building.

Mecha - a transforming robot. Equus is this.

Shinka/Apotheosis era (神化 Shinka [year number in numerals]) - the era in which Concrete Revolutio is set. It is based on the real life Showa era.[1]

Tartaros Bugmen (タルタロス蟲人 Tartaros Chujin[2]) - a subterranean, prehistoric race of creatures that were part man and part bug. They ruled the earth before the humans.

Yoron Newspaper Company (世論新聞社 Yoron Shinbun-sha) - a certain newspaper group that publishes tabloids. They are in contact with Daishi Akita.