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Earth chan

Earth chan as she appeared before the riots.

Earth-chan is a android superhuman who gets involved with the fighting of kaijuu ("beasts" in the Funimation subtitles). The tabloids mention her, but the magazines that cover her receive wrong information about her powers.[1]


Earth-Chan is a child, her appearance is seen as flat. Popularity: In the anime, Earth-chan is so popular that she has soap that is sold in dispensers that look like her. In real life, however, she is overshadowed by an internet meme of the same name.


Somewhere between July and August of Shinka 41, Earth-chan defeated a jellyfish kaijuu.[1]

In Shinka 47, Earth-chan has been put into a sort of coma in Ikuta Laboratory Annex. Judas (the liar, not the traitor), Jirou and Megasshing come to "restore" her.

And that's the way the news goes!

While she starts off as possibly the most admired hero in the setting, her nature as both a child and a robot causes her to see everything in black-and-white; she can't understand why humans tell lies, nor predict long-term consequences of her actions, which clashes horribly with the complex politics of post-war Japan. When on one occasion she gains the ability to dream, she sees herself as a human with a loving family.

But. when Kikko gives Earth-chan the ability to dream, her dreams are of being a human girl with a family.


  • Super strength: Earth-chan is able to toss the jellyfish kaijuu without any trouble.[1]
  • Transformation: She is able to switch between a spherical planet form and a human form. The human form is surrounded by metal poles.
  • Flight/levitation: Earth chan lives in orbit and flies back to earth at high speeds to help people.
  • Super hearing: She hears from outside the bar when Hikaru declares he is going to a protest march.
  • Partial brain wave detection: She can detect when a person needs help and feels pleasure by knowing they are in danger. It was hypothesized by Jiro that she was intended to cause harm but instead fights evil.
  • Significance Sense: Earth-chan can detect whenever someone is crying out for help from the bottom of their heart, allowing her to immediately come to the rescue.


  • She is shown in both of her pre-Shinjuku-riots forms as part of a display in episode 15 (Shinka 44, as part of the Osaka World Expo).


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