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Boys of Light (also known as the BL Clan) is a superhuman group who refuse to register under the Superhuman Bureau, and when requested to do a job by a client, they will do it. Despite their name, they have female members - their members are Daitetsu Maki (sometimes known as Yumihiko Otonashi), Lin, Saki, Hideaki and one unnamed member.


Daitetsu Maki is a brunette boy who wears a black trenchcoat and has blue eyes. In Shinka 47 this has become a purple trenchcoat with green details. During the flashback in Episode 8 he wore a white collared sweatshirt with yellow stripes, navy blue shorts, white knee socks, and black sneakers with white soles.

Lin wears a blue jumper and white shorts.

Saki has her hair done up in twintails that go to her waist.

Hideaki wears a brown cap and round glasses. He also wears a brown suit and red tie.

The unnamed member wears a green jumper.

All members of the BL Clan wear a yellow B shaped badge with a blue L in it.


In January of Shinka 43 in Kanda, the Boys of Light saved Masaki Iga at the request of his mother.


Daitetsu Maki is able to control metal at will as well as control Gigander 7, a mecha.

The others have combat ability using their Gigander parts but when Gigander is being used by Maki, they do not help.



All references either come from the OP, the 8th episode or subsequent episodes.