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2nd season announcement

The anime of Concrete Revolutio began airing on October 4th 2015, and lasted for half a year.[1][2] The first half of the show started in the fall 2015 season and ended in the spring 2016 season. [3]An official website for the show was developed in 10 different countries worldwide for the first time in the whole anime industry.[4]

The opening song was Katararezu Tomo (カタラレズトモ) by ZAQ.[5] The ending song was The Beginning by Yohsuke Yamamoto, a novice in the music industry.[1]

The second arc, subtitled The Last Song in English, had a new opening by ZAQ. Its name was Warireru Doukoku.[6] The new ending was by Yohsuke Yamamoto ft Nami Tamaki, and was called ALL-WAYS.[7]


Concrete Revolutio: Choujin Gensou is set in a fictional “age of gods” in an alternate Japan. About 20 years after the end of the second World War, Japan has developed rapidly when various “superhumans” begin to appear. The series’ protagonist, Jirou Hitoyoshi, is a member of the “Overpopulation Research Laboratory” team operating under the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, also known as the “Superhuman Bureau” where he finds, secures and protects superhumans, safeguarding them.[4]

Cast and Staff[]

The show was directed by Seiji Mizushima, with a script by Shou Aikawa. Studio BONES handled the animation production. Noizi Ito, Hekiru Hikawa, and Ryo Hirao contributed character and concept designs, while Yoshiyuki Ito will also provide character designs as well as serving as the chief animation director.

The second season introduced Kouichi Yamadera in a voice role in the first episode, with Kazuki Nakashima, Masaki Tsuji and Gen Urobuchi as scriptwriters.[7]



  1. The Tokyo Witch
  2. Inside the "Black Fog"
  3. An Iron Couple
  4. Japan "Beast" History Part 1
  5. Japan "Beast" History Part 2
  6. They Are Always Laughing
  7. Go Beyond the Sky and Stars
  8. Nobody Knows About the Rainbow Knight
  9. End of the Endless Family
  10. Mirage of Destiny
  11. Justice/Freedom/Peace
  12. Hakkou Superhuman Crash Incident
  13. Riots in Shinjuku
  14. The Superhumans of November
  15. The Ones Who Look Onto Space
  16. Calling Out Your Name in the Town of Flowers
  17. Devila and Devilo
  18. Canada Goldenrod
  19. Iron Mask Arrives
  20. The Never-Ending Battle
  21. Steel Ogre
  22. The Age of Giant Gods
  23. Beast and Maiden
  24. Can You Still Sing