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Angel Stars on concert

The Angel Stars are a band working under Imperial Ads. The individual names of the members are Jackie, Rose, Claudia, Fanny and Arachne (Aki Haruka).


  • Jackie has short brown hair[1].
  • Rose have blond long hair[1].
  • Claudia have short (later long) darkblue hair[1].
  • Fanny have medium purple hair[1].
  • Aki (Arachne) has short (later long) green hair[1].

    Angel Stars later


  • Aki mentions her name sounds like "spring or autumn" (春か秋 haru ka aki).[2]
  • Aki and Fanny were lovers.[2]
  • Jirou implies Aki is younger than 26 as of Shinka 46, November. She validates it to an extent by telling him about her older brother and her pretending to be Rainbow Knight, meaning she was a young child around the time of Shinka 20. [3]


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