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An Iron Couple (鉄骨の人 Tekkotsu no Hito) is the third episode of Concrete Revolutio.


Yatsuka Heavy Industries has been the target of a string of high-profile bomb attacks. Raito Shiba, the android detective, is on the case. Will he catch the culprit, or will the Superhuman Bureau beat him to the punch?[1]


  • The Funimation subtitles call this episode "An Iron Couple", which contradicts the Japanese meaning of the title (which is A Steel Framed Person).
  • The titular "steel framed person" is most likely Raito Shiba, who makes his debut this episode.[2] However, within the episode two more androids (Type A Mieko and Type B Kaoru) also make their debut, which is most likely the English title's titular "couple".